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December 14, 2020 8:25 am
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    High-Quality Cassava Starch (HQCS): Cassava Starch is an important domestic and industrial raw material used in the manufacturing of various products including food, adhesives, thickening agents, paper and pharmaceuticals.

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    It has many remarkable characteristics including high paste viscosity, high paste clarity, and high freeze-thaw stability which are advantages to many industries. The Nigerian demand for starch is estimated at 269,000 tonnes per year but current supply is at 20,000 tonnes.

    Starch uses as food also included in the preparation of bread, macaroni, custard, sauce, snacks and Ogi. The industrial uses include application in textiles, bookbinding, glue making paperboard, batteries, and cosmetics, paint and soap making.

    Textile companies, in weaving, spinning, dye works, paperboards, dressing paints, leather adhesives, paste stamps and carpets, also use starch. It can also be used in artificial honey making, fruit juices, sweets, beer, canned fruit, and confectionaries and in pharmaceutical industries

    To ensure freshness of cassava root supplied to the factory for processing, the raw materials will be sourced internally and within 50km-100km radius to the factory. The raw material are transported to the factory and processed within 24hours, this accounts for the quality of our products.

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